Who Are Guysandgoodhealth.com?

Tony and I were talking over the weekend about how many times readers of our blog don’t seem to realize there are two of us writing here.

I’ll have friends writing and chiding me about something Tony wrote while he gets stopped by neighbors asking him why he’s writing about his weight troubles when he has none (those are my posts).

I'm John...

So, first, we each sign everything we write at the bottom, please read our posts to the ends before writing one of us about them.

Second, if you do have comments, please post them here on the blog so everyone can see them. Sending them to us or writing them on one of our Facebook pages doesn’t promote discussion here, which is where we’d like it to happen.

Lastly, a quick review for you, you can read our bios on the About page but, basically, I’m John, a working stiff in my very late 50s trying to be healthier than I’ve been in the past while still eating out regularly and debating how many trade-offs I want to make between eating right and eating what I enjoy.

And there’s Tony, retired, devoted to healthy eating and regular exercising, he has become a student of nutrition and health.

... and this is Tony. We are guysandgoodhealth.com

Between us, we aim to bring you both the struggles and the solutions to weight, exercise and health issues, all from a male perspective.

Good health, and happy eating.

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