What is The Biology of Aging?

I am a senior and I know we have senior readers, so I was very pleased to learn that the National Institute on Aging had just put out a booklet on aging.

Biology of Aging: Research Today for a Healthier Tomorrow is a creation of the National Institutes of Health National Institute on Aging. It attempts to answer the questions facing all of us.

What is aging? Can we live long and well—are they the same? Is aging in our genes? How does our metabolism relate to aging? Can your immune system still defend you as you age?
Learn the answer to these questions and more.

One of the possible pathways to aging is our cells. “To answer questions about why and how we age, some scientists look for mechanisms or pathways in the body that lead to aging. Our cells constantly receive cues from both inside and outside the body, prompted by such things as injury, infection, stress, or even food. To react and adjust to these cues, cells send and receive signals through biological pathways. Some of the most common are involved in metabolism, the regulation of genes, and the transmission of signals. These pathways may also be important to aging.”

Biology of Aging: Research Today for a Healthier Tomorrow describes some of NIA’s exciting findings about the basic biology of aging and points to directions for future investigation.

You can download a copy free for your computer here.

Or you can order printed copies here.


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