Can You Get Too Much Nutrition Information?

A lot of nutrition information on a food package can cause consumers to think the product inside won’t taste good, according to a recent study done in Spain.

You can read details of the study at but basically it found that the more a product talked about being healthy, the more consumers thought it wouldn’t taste good.

That’s the dilemma food processors face, many of us grew up thinking healthy meant bland or even foul-tasting. Witness the old saw about kids not liking spinach.

Tony writes about a lot of healthy dishes he creates on the blog here, but I confess reading about and seeing some of them convinces me I would never try them because I too equate healthy with something I wouldn’t have a taste for.

The study found that when consumers tasted some of the products, their thoughts changed, so I suppose the answer is to try healthy dishes before forming your judgements about them.


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