Is Being a Food Cop a Bad Thing?

I heard an expression the other day that stuck in my head. A woman referred to someone as a ‘food cop.’ She used it as a term of derision. A regular cop tries to protect us from criminals. I don’t hear them referred to derisively by intelligent people. So, what is so bad about being a food cop?

Presumably, a food cop is someone who pays attention to what he/she eats and tries not to overdo it. Gosh, that’s terrible. With a population 60% overweight and 30% outright obese, we don’t want anyone thinning the herd, do we?

One of the most important lessons that we as parents try to teach our children is that their actions have consequences. Yet, when it comes to eating, we completely forget these lessons and indulge in too much of not-such-good-things. That brings us full circle. Little kids do stuff just because it is fun. We overeat because pizza/chocolate/cake/you-name-it it tastes so good. We completely ignore what we know so well, namely, that overdoing consumption of empty calorie treats can only have negative results on our health, the least of which can be gaining weight.

So, I confess, I am a food cop. I pay attention to everything that I eat. I make sure that I get enough exercise every day so I can indulge in a few treats that may taste great, but not provide a lot of food value. I also make sure that I get enough protein, carbs and fats that my body requires. I spent most of my life on the other side of ‘dietary law’ and paid a heavy price for it. I carried too many pounds around for years and suffered various manifestations of ill health, coming down with colds and flu’s regularly. Now that I have my weight under control, I don’t lose nearly as much time to illness.

As far as other folks are concerned, I am happy to share my information about nutrition and diet, but I don’t berate people who eat badly. After all, we are adults and can make up our own minds.

Good health doesn’t just happen. It is a result of Focus, Effort and Discipline and we end up FED. Taking responsibility for our actions.

So, maybe you can check around and see if the department needs any more food cops. You need to pass a physical after you are on the job a while. But you will feel a whole lot better and less guilty, too.


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