Is Sugar As Dangerous as Alcohol?

Is sugar as dangerous when over-consumed as alcohol is? Many people are saying yes and calls have started to regulate sugar in food and beverages.

The report ran in the research journal Nature and points to sugar as a greater health burden than infectious disease as it is behind heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

We have an epidemic of obesity with 30 percent of us suffering from it and another 30 percent of us overweight and possibly on the way to obesity. In addition, we have teenagers coming down with adult onset diabetes.

But, we don’t need the government stepping in and making laws about sugar consumption. What we eat is a private matter and we  need to be more sensible about it and get those onerous obesity statistics going the other direction.

The way to regulate our sugar intake is for us to be smarter about what we eat. It’s on you and me to decide for ourselves. The last thing we need is the government sticking its heavy hand into our kitchen cupboards.


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One response to “Is Sugar As Dangerous as Alcohol?

  1. Hmmm…children unfortunately don’t grocery shop, usually. So when their parents buy them food and beverages laden with high fructose corn syrup–as well as the video games that keep them tethered to one tube or another rather than doing something like getting even minimal natural exercise (e.g., moving around)–they aren’t really responsible for the obesity epidemic underway among adolescents (especially boys, interestingly enough).

    I don’t think the Prohibition analogy works because the issue isn’t really about banning sugar, but about using public policy (and public funds) wisely to support the production of healthy food–rather than, say, providing subsidies to corn growers who give us all that nasty high-fructose corn syrup that is fattening us up. Public policy also can be used wisely to educate the public about nutrition–as well as about the risks and costs of obesity and the many problems it leads to, including heart disease, diabetes, joint replacements, etc., etc. Government can’t/shouldn’t “force” people to choose healthy diets, but it can equip us with the information we need to make healthy choices for ourselves.


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