Calories in McDonald’s Chicken McBites — a Taste Test

I recently wrote about spotting something new on my local McDonald’s menu, Chicken McBites, essentially mini-sized chicken McNuggets. I’ve already written about calories and other nutrition information about them but also thought it a good idea to give them a try to see how they tasted.

A Chicken McBites snack-size box

I bought a snack-size serving one day for lunch, along with a Southwest Salad, which is my normal McDonald’s lunch. The snack size filled me up more than I expected, basically because these is more coating than chicken. And the taste wasn’t bad, especially when I dipped them in ketchup instead of the barbeque sauce I asked for.

The snack-size box resembles a small take-out container. It even has a place to hold a McDonald’s dipping sauce, although I didn’t figure that out until after I was done and looked at a display picture on my way out.The McBites look large in this photo

While I wrote earlier that a snack size likely wouldn’t be enough to fill me up at lunch time, I may reconsider that.  A snack size with a side salad or two plus a yogurt parfait likely would do the lunch trick for me.

While the McBites look large in the box, this shows how small they are, and how much breading each has.

The one downside to eating these was that the experience left me with an appetite for fried chicken. So the next day, I went to a local fried chicken chain, Brown’s, and pigged out at lunch on two thighs and a leg plus French fries.

If you can resist the yes for more fried chicken, these might be a good treat from time to time to satisfy any urge for something breaded. Don’t go larger than the snack-size, however, and don’t make it a daily meal.





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