Some Excellent Snacking Advice From Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers published some super tips this morning on getting through tough snacking times. WW’s Melissa Sperl got some very useful answers from Kimberly Glenn, MS, RD, LS of Northside Hospital’s weight-reduction clinic in Atlanta, GA.

The advice covers various periods in the day when different folks feel extremely tempted. To attack morning munchies, Glenn said to start out with a healthy breakfast. Be sure to include protein and fiber, otherwise you will get hungry quicker. She suggested high-fiber cereal, milk and fruit or packets of oatmeal made with milk.

Don’t worry if after having breakfast at 7:00 AM, you get hungry at 10:00 AM. Three to four hours is a normal period for your hunger to return. You can have a piece of fruit or other healthy snack. If you won’t be eating for a while, include some protein. There are plenty of healthy energy bars that will suffice.

Glenn says this is a tough time for a lot of folks since they lunch between 11:00 AM  and 1:00 PM and dinner at 6:00 PM, that is a lot of hours so a snack makes sense. She suggests yogurt and cereal, or cottage cheese and fruit.  DON’T eat sugary, empty-calorie foods. They will cause you to remain hungry and you may overeat later.

Often folks who have done well all day give up in the evening under the stress of their earlier discipline, Glenn says. She attacks their ‘comfort zones.’

“Where are you eating when you eat at this time? Do you have a favorite chair that you eat and watch TV in? When you’re in a ‘comfort’ place like that, you’re likely to lose track of the quantity you take in. The first step is to try to not eat in your ‘happy place,’ but if you really want to, have a set snack — don’t graze.

“Try to stick with snacks that have built-in portion control. Last but not least, enjoy your snack: There’s nothing wrong with having one, just so long as you don’t go overboard.”

For folks who have trouble sleeping and end up in the kitchen nibbling, she says they need to know if they are really hungry or just bored. Close your kitchen and keep it off limits. You might have a snack planned for a certain time. If you have a problem sleeping, you might want to check with your doctor.

If you would like to snack further on these ideas, check out my Page – Snacking, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.


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