Chris Christie Talks to Oprah About His Weight

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who has been mentioned as a potential candidate for president sat down with Oprah Winfrey and talked about his weight situation.

Oprah: People comment on my weight all the time and they coment on yours. Is it ever hurtful to  you?

Christie: Not any more. It hurt me a lot when I was younger. I think now I have developed a shell about it. It’s been talked about so much. I don’t like being overweight. I know I’d be healthier and better off if I weren’t…

Oprah: Do you ever feel guilty about it.

Christie: Yes, sure.

Oprah: I’ve never talked to an overweight man about it.

Christie: Sure, I would love to show these people who say that because I am overweight I am not disiplined. They think you could get to where I am by being undisciplined? Let me show them, but more the guilt that I feel is in regard to my children that I wish that I could get better control that for my own health and my own future to be here with them.

For the record I am a great admirer of what the Governor has accomplished in New Jersey by cutting costs and leaving taxes. Here in Illinois our Governor raised taxes by something like 25% to attack the problem. Nonetheless, I sense a disconnect between his statement that he is disciplined yet later in the conversation he says that he wished that he could get better control. I wish it, too. Being overweight to the extent that he is really jeopardizes his health. You can read our blog post on how obesity affects you here.



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