Tony’s Top Ten Favorite Foods Last Year

John has been wonderfully candid and courageous in enumerating his eating habits as reported by Lose It! over the past year. There is a lot of food for thought there.

I thought that in the interest of full disclosure, I should enumerate my favorite foods, too. As is the case with John, my four favorite foods are the four elements of my breakfast each day. As an old retired guy, I have the same thing for breakfast every day.

On 365 days, I started with a hard boiled egg and a cup (or two) of coffee.The egg calories amounted to 28,470 for the year. The coffee (I use powdered milk and sugar) totalled 23,750 calories for the year.

I love my cuppa Joe in the morning

The third and major element of my breakfast is my morning smoothie.  A brief summary includes a fresh banana, strawberries, blueberries and celery, green tea and apple cider. You can get all the details here.

This amounts to 350 -400 calories per day or 123,900 for the year. I need a good energy boost initially because I often take the bike out for a ride after walking the dog.

The fourth most popular element of my breakfast is two tablespoons of Chia Seeds. These are actually included in the smoothie. However, because I just found them a year or so ago, I didn’t have them on the smoothie recipe.

Those are the first four most popular foods I ate last year.

The next one is tamari-roasted pepitas (pumpkin seeds). I wrote about these on June 20, 2010.You can read it here. I ate them on 333 days and consumed 57,656 calories in that form. They are wonderfully healthy, but the reason they are my favorite snack is that there is a hint of salt in the tamari flavoring which combines with the subtle flavor of the seed.

I consumed soy milk on 295 days for a total of 30,609 calories. I drink soy milk instead of real milk for various reasons. It tastes fine a has some good food value.

I had Kashi Crunch on 286 days, mostly as a part of my lunch. I consumed a total of 54,340 calories. The Kashi Crunch cereal is the basis of my high fiber parfait, a recipe which I tweaked several times last year. You can read the last one here.

Back to snacking for the next item. I ate a Hershey Bar with Almonds on 274 days for a total of 51,555 calories. I love chocolate.

Cheese pizza was my next favorite food. I get it from a little Italian bakery which has a brick oven. I ate a slice on 254 days for a total of 76,452 calories.

My next most favorite food was watermelon. I ate it on 183 days for a total of 25,179 calories. Watermelon is wonderfully nutritious and I usually eat it after I come back from riding my bike. You can read about it here.

Last but not least is the Powerbar. I ate one on 179 days for a total of 22,339 calories. I eat some Powerbar on breaks during bike rides.

My 11th favorite food  is apples.  I ate them on 175 days for a total of 17,303 calories.

Why 11 foods on a list of 10? You’ve heard of a baker’s dozen. Well, this is a biker’s decade.

I started the year at 153.1 pounds and ended at 146.3 pounds.


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