New Lose It Badges

Happy New Year! I got a pleasant surprise in my email folder this morning. A couple of new Lose It! badges arrived. These emails from the program offer positive feedback for your weight control efforts.

This one was the Holiday Survival Badge for not gaining a silly amount of weight over the holidays.

The Holiday Survival Badge

John and I both use the Lose It! app, he on his iPhone and me on my iPad. I think it is the single most useful tool in the weight control arsenal. By inputting your consumption daily you can not help but have a sense of how much you are consuming. In addition, because the app breaks down your meals into nutrients, you get further info on where you stand in your daily consumption of protein, fats and carbs.

The Getting off on the Right Foot Badge

The second badge is another fun one – Getting off on the Right Foot for starting the Year right.

Lose It! is a free app. You can’t beat the price.


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