What are Honey Stinger Waffles?

As far as I am concerned it was love at first bite. I just stumbled across these after getting a pitch to buy them from Mellow Johnny’s bike shop. For those not familiar with it, Mellow Johnny’s is the bike shop owned by Lance Armstrong in Austin, Texas. I am wearing a Mellow Johnny’s jersey in my profile pic on our About page. Since the Armstrong debacle I have removed that pic and Honey Stinger has removed him from the wrapper pic.

Here is what the MJ website said about them, “In the over saturated world of energy drinks, gels and bars, it’s sometimes hard to know what to get. Over here at Mellow Johnny’s we think it should be something that actually tastes good.

“Not only do Honey Stinger Waffles fulfill your nutritional needs, they also taste amazing. Not runny like a gel, or unpalatable like many bars, these little waffles are the go food for our staff. This is one of those products that are easy to sell simply because we believe in them. Try one and you’ll get the idea.”

Honey Stinger Waffles are a new entry into the world of energy bars, drinks, gels, etc., here in the U.S. They are made by a company in Steamboat Springs Colorado. Here is their website with a cool You Tube video about them.

Their advertising copy says, “Waffles aren’t just for breakfast; they’re a perfect snack food for anytime. Inspired by Lance Armstrong’s favorite European riding treat called the “stroopwafel,” Honey Stinger’s Organic Stinger Waffles are a great way to replenish energy on or off the bike. Single-serving design stashes conveniently in a jersey pocket.”

A single waffle weighs just over an ounce at 30 grams
It has 160 calories 7 grams of fat, 3 grams of saturated fat, no cholesterol, 55 mg of sodium 21 grams of carbohydrates, one gram of fiber and no protein.

I was very impressed with the ingredients: Organic wheat flour, organic palm fruit oil, organic rice syrup, organic cane sugar, organic honey, organic whole wheat flour, organic soy flour, sea salt, organic soy lecithin, organic spices and baking soda.

They were just delivered three days ago, so I haven’t had much experience with them. As far as taste goes, they totally thrill my sweet tooth. You can taste the honey. I ate one after a bike ride yesterday and felt it gave me a lift
not unlike what I get from my watermelon recovery treats. I look forward to using them regularly in the coming weeks.

So far I have only had the mouth-watering honey flavored ones, there are also strawberry and vanilla available. I will let you know about further developments.

Update posted 21 December 2011. I have now had the vanilla flavored Honey Stingers, too. They are not quite as sweet, but equally mouth-watering. I take them on bike rides. The hardest thing is trying not to eat the whole waffle at one stop as I usually try to limit myself to 50 calories (about a third of a waffle) on a rest stop because I want my body to be focused on riding not digesting.


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