When You Cut Back Exercise, You Need to Reduce Your Consumption, Too

As regular readers know, I average riding my bike around 20 miles a day. That results in about an 800 calorie burn per day. I currently weigh between 150 and 155 pounds, so I have no desire to lose any more weight. I have maintained this weight for about a year.

This morning I had a brunch date with my daughter who just turned 17. I walked the dog early and then had my morning smoothie. After wrapping up Kate’s birthday gift I set off to see her. We had a wonderful brunch at a pancake place not far from her home. I got to have my favorite pecan waffles and ate every bite.

My daughter next to her car. She wanted to see how much bigger it was than mine

After the half hour drive home, I had to walk the dog again. But, logistics began to set in for me. This is Sunday, NFL football day, and I had just gotten home after noon. It was time for the first game to start and I hadn’t even been able to watch any of the pregame talk shows. The temp was in the 40s which is nice weather for riding a bike, but it was overcast and there were gusting winds. I decided to watch some football and maybe take the bike out at halftime.

Long story short, I got sucked into the incredible rockem-sockem Packers-Giants game and by the time that ended it was dark out. I don’t ride after dark. Also, I had felt low energy all day. I honestly don’t think it was the pancakes.

So, it was late afternoon and I hadn’t gotten a bike ride in. I managed to walk poochie a couple of miles but that only amounts to 200 calories.

On a normal day my snacks include an apple, apple turnover, pizza bread, a banana, tamari-roasted pepitas and a small Hershey bar with almonds. I can have all these and not gain weight because of the calorie burn. I like to snack and am accustomed to it. Today, I had to cut back drastically. No pizza bread, apple turnover or any of the various kettle chips I usually enjoy. I also substituted my pancake brunch for my normal post-ride brunch.

It wasn’t the worst hardship. I had a big workout on Friday along with a lot of miles on the bike. My body might have been ready for a break. So, I had a day with minimal exercise and some rested muscles.

I look forward to riding and snacking tomorrow. I hope you also make sure you balance your eating with your exercise.


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