How Many Calories in Subway’s Bacon-Egg & Cheese Sammy?

I saw a Subway commercial for this sandwich tonight watching one of the football shows. Must admit surprise at the composition of it in view of the fact that  I thought Subway was selling health and healthy products. You don’t even have to see the nutritional breakdown to realize there is a lot of fat in this offering.

Here is the breakdown for the six inch size. Keep in mind that many folks buy the 12 inch. Clearly, you need to double these numbers for that.
Calories 480, Total fat 18 grams, Saturated Fat 7 grams, Cholesterol 265, Sodium 1410 mg, Carbohydrates 47 mg, Fiber 5 grams, Protein 32 grams.

The 480 calorie total is big, but if this is your breakfast, you can say that you are fueling up and will burn it off the rest of the day. On a roughly 2200 calorie basic weight maintenance budget, the 480 can fit.

I have a bit of a problem with the 18 grams of fat of which 7 are saturated. The 5 grams of fiber and whopping 32 grams of protein are helpful.

Last, but not least, is the 1410 mg of Sodium. That is about half of what you should be consuming all day. I think you would have a hard time not going over on Sodium in a day. Don’t forget anyone who ordered the 12 inch size would have effectively finished eating salt at breakfast.

I am guessing the bacon and cheese elements accounted for the lion’s share of the Sodium, not to mention much of the fat.

My conclusion is that this is a very un-Subway-like offering. If you go to Subway for their healthy offerings, I think you need to pass this one up.



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2 responses to “How Many Calories in Subway’s Bacon-Egg & Cheese Sammy?

  1. Kitty Summers

    I have a delicious sounding recipe for Oatmeal Porridge! Much healthier I am sure!


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