Exercise Session 4: Hitting the Wall

I went for my fourth of 12 exercise sessions last Tuesday and exercise boy wasn’t there.

Instead I had a new woman trainer who decided it was time to see what I could do. She put me through a workout that was so intense that I could not finish the last set of three exercises, the first time in my four sessions that has happened.

She had me doing a lot of heavy weight work combined with cardio things that caused me to burn more than 800 calories in 50 minutes compared to my usual of about 650 in earlier sessions (according to my heart rate monitor watch that also calculates calories burned).

One of the most grueling exercises I did is known as the Roman chair, an exercise device in which you support yourself by your forearms while doing reverse crunches by bringing your knees up to your chest and down again. My new trainer said everyone should be able to lift their own body weight, so I also had an exercise where I was laying on an inclined plane pulling myself up and down with only my arms gripping a bar above my head.

As I said, at 50 minutes in, I said no mas and threw in the towel, exhausted. But the pain was only beginning. From Wednesday to Friday I could not lift my arms above my waist; that’s how much pain was radiating from each arm. Thursday night I could not sleep unless I kept my arms straight down by my sides. I took some aspirin Friday and it seems to have helped.

But as I write this it’s Saturday and I’m headed back for another session since I now have to start two-a-week sessions.

Wish me luck.

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