Cupcakes As Addictive as Cocaine? Don’t Laugh

Tony likes to write about my diet soda addiction, posting articles about diet soda to chide me to stop drinking so much of the artificially sweetened brew. addictive

Well, I’ve long said that what I’m really addicted to are HoHos and other such sugary snacks, and now science is starting to say the same. A recent Bloomberg article will have the food business shaking in its processed food boots, I’m sure.

The food business, which I write about for a living as well as on here, has long feared that class action lawyers would come after it once all the tobacco cases were done.

Research like the kind mentioned in this article will no doubt reinforce that fear. One line in the story that caught my eye, “Constant stimulation with tasty, calorie-laden foods may desensitize the brain’s circuitry, leading people to consume greater quantities of junk food to maintain a constant state of pleasure.”

That’s pretty much me, the more I eat, the more I want. Friday, for example, I started out having only two mini-bags of M&Ms, about 80 calories each, and ended up eating 10 before I stopped.

A reminder to me not to keep candy in my desk at work, it’s healthier to cope with the stress there by just screaming at my boss instead of eating junk food.

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