Don’t Forget to Set Your Clock Back

Daylight Savings Time ends Sunday, November 2 (Date inserted for 2014) at 2:00 AM, so don’t forget to set your clock back and get that extra hour of sleep. You also won’t be arriving too early for your various dates on Sunday.

Ben Franklin created Daylight Savings Time in the 18th century to save an extra hour of daylight and preserve candles necessary for illumination.

Last year new President Medvedev made Daylight Savings Time a permanent condition in Russia because he thought the nights seemed longer on Standard Time and contributed to the high suicide rate. Surely, living under communism had nothing to do with the high suicide rate.

When you are resetting your clock this year, maybe you could rethink your weight management program and confirm that you are meeting your goals. Don’t be one of those folks who is digging his own grave with a knife and fork and a bag of high calorie snacks.

And then there was the overweight clock that went back for seconds. Sorry, couldn’t resist.


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