You Are What You Eat

Back when I wrote the How to Lose Weight – and Keep it Off Page I included the statement “Everything you eat and drink becomes a part of  you” because that statement was one of the key concepts that resonated with me in my early struggles with weight control. When I go some place like a buffet where there are slabs of barbecued ribs displayed, I realize that much as I enjoy ribs, if I eat a slab of them, I will probably pack on 1000 calories not to mention way too much bad fats and I don’t really want that to be a part of me. So, I take one and enjoy it and also the fact that I am not jamming up my arteries with globs of animal fats. I think it’s a matter of getting past the “Oh boy, ribs taste great” and realizing the consequences of eating too many of them.

That’s why I loved the photo of the Juices Mixes attached to this blog post. I first saw it on the Vita-Mix users group and asked for permission to rerun it here. Shaun graciously agreed. It gives all these wonderful natural foods and tells what they do for you after they become a part of you.

Read it and reap.


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