Cycling Pros Have Increased Risks to Osteoporosis

Incredible as it may seem to you, at least it did to me, professional bicycle riders have an increased risk to Osteopenia and Osteoporosis.

How can that be when they spend their lives engaging in one of the top cardiovascular activities in existence? Surely they are among the most fit athletes on the planet.

Despite the energy burned and muscles used in bicycle racing, it does not protect against osteoporosis

Pam Whitfield, MS, RD, LDN CDE of Northwestern Memorial Physicians Group Speaking at a Northwestern Memorial Healthy Transitions Program ® gathering today, said that the cyclists needed to include weight-bearing exercise in their workouts. Cycling is great cardio exercise, but there is no weight-bearing involved, hence no protection for the bones.

Because of this risk, Ms Whitfield said that professional cyclists were now including weight work into their exercise regimes to protect themselves.

As an active if unprofessional cyclist, I plan to increase my weight-bearing exercise, too. The good news is that walking is an excellent weight-bearing exercise.

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2 responses to “Cycling Pros Have Increased Risks to Osteoporosis

  1. Marcela Kirton

    Thanks Tony, I always read your posts and find them so interesting!!!
    Marcela Kirton (Luckymystic!!)


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