One of the Best Chicago Hot Dog Stands – Tony Dines Out

Chicago has a reputation for deep dish pizza because we have lots of super pizza places here that serve it. But, the city also has a wide range of superb hot dog stands, too. I used to live several miles north of where I am currently located and enjoyed many great meals at a place called The Wiener’s Circle.

The Wiener’s Circle – first class Chicago hot dogs

After telling a friend about it, she wanted to ride bikes up there and have a meal. We did that yesterday. So, it turns out that John isn’t the only guy to have dining adventures on the blog.

I was trying to remember the last time I had eaten there and I don’t think it was this Millennium. So, I felt I was in for a treat.

They make each meal fresh while you wait. The hot dogs are charcoal-broiled and the fries dropped in when you order them.

I got the charcoal-broiled cheddar cheese dog. It was my favorite years ago and comes with cheese melted along the length of the sandwich. I used to have a big weight problem 10 years ago. This is one of the reasons.

Our hot dogs came out first. Mine with cheese, hers without. Then the cook put up a huge basket of fries. Each of us asked if that was one order or two. Turns out it was just one.

We carried our orders outside to a table and commenced eating. The hot dog was as great as I remembered even though I no longer eat entrees smothered in melted cheese. At least on a regular basis.

The fries which had been made from scratch were also super. I have included a photo of my order. I hope it is clear how huge this was. I stopped eating around 1/3 of the way through. That was enough. I looked around for a homeless person to give it to, but there weren’t any around at the moment. So, I threw it away. They tasted great, but I just don’t need that much deep fried food in me at one sitting.

This huge order of fries came with each hot dog

In the past year and a half of riding herd on my weight situation I am convinced that  portion control is one of the major tools in getting the job done.

There are some good suggestions and helpful examples of portion control on our

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