Facebook CEO Eats Only What He Kills

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appears to be living up to his pledge last year that he will only eat meat from animals that he has killed himself, according to Fortune Editor at Large Patricia Sellers.

Sellers wrote in her blog Postcards that Zuckerberg started out slaughtering a pig, goat and chicken. Now he has expanded to include bison. He actually got a hunting license and has shot and killed a bison.

John and I are both fans of bison meat. John wrote about it several times, including this on January third of this year.

Sellers reported that Zuckerberg wants to eat “a lot healthier foods.”

He declined to comment to Sellers through a Facebook spokesman.

Last Thursday at the Facebook developers conference he hinted about his new tastes. On the left side of his Facebook page projected on a huge screen behind him was a photo of a juicy looking sandwich and the words, “Bison Burgers,” Sellers reported.

We are all for healthy eating and we don’t think you have to go to the kind of extremes as young Zuckerberg. Check out our Remember This page for a great way to start on the path of good health and lifetime weight management.


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