How is The Cowboys’ Rob Ryan Fighting His Weight Problem?

Rob Ryan, Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator and twin brother of New York Jets coach Rex Ryan, has gone proactive in dealing with his weight problem. He is on the Jill Lane nutrition program which will cost $16,000 for the next six months, Sports Illustrated reported.

Rob Ryan meets his twin brother before the recent Cowboys – Jets game

His desk is now littered with vitamins and his minifridge has a load of carefully wrapped salads and protein bars. He displays his weight and body fat percentage in the Dallas Cowboys meeting room.

According to SI he instructs players to knock sodas out of his hand and promises to donate $500 to a kangaroo court if he gains weight.

Jill Lane specializes in “science-based nutrition to increase strength, speed recovery and optimize body fat …” her website says.

“Technology affords us a glimpse into our chemistry and DNA to see precisely what will get your body to it’s peak performance level.”

In his first six months on the program Ryan has dropped six pounds.

He says he doesn’t want to let his players down. In his own words, SI quoted him as saying, “I definitely don’t want to do the whole lap-band thing.”

My first temptation is to tell him to save his money if he can only lose six pounds in six months on the program. If he read the How to Lose Weight – And Keep it Off page on our blog and put some of the info there into action, he could triple that easily.

However, as a big NFL fan, I sympathize with Rob and all the coaches in the NFL because they work horrendous hours at some of the toughest jobs on the planet. That’s why so many of them who have been coaching for a while have weight problems. The long hours and incredible week-to-week pressure are brutal on the body not to mention the mind. Talk about stress. In terms of keeping men healthy, it is ironic that the NFL has a big program on to protect players from concussions and head injuries, yet there is nothing preventing the coaches from working 80 hour and up weeks. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see an NFL coach have a heart attack in a game.

So, I will simply wish Rob best of luck in his weight loss efforts and I hope the Cowboys beat the Jets next time they play.


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