Designer Salt – How about Just Less Salt?

This post originally appeared on our blog on March 22, 2010. I’m reposting it because I continually wrestle with salt and avoiding salty things but slipped badly last weekend eating potato chips. I would love a solution to salted snacks but the best solution is simply to avoid them. This is one of a series of reposts Tony and I are doing to celebrate our blog’s 18-month anniversary Sept. 7.

Pepsi is working on a designer salt to take sodium off its Lay potato chips, the Wall Street Journal reported today. There’s a link to the story on our news page here where you also can check out other food news of the day.

What a fascinating concept – salt with less sodium in it. Food companies are starting to feel the heat over salt, fearing that local, state and national governments will start forcing them to take salt out of their processed foods.

Can a potato chip work with this new salt? Pepsi hopes so. I actually buy low-salt chips on the rare occasion I still buy potato chips these days. Low-salt can be fine, but in general stay away from chips and salty things. It’s hard to find anything good, nutritionally, about them.

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