Can a Big Fork Help You Eat Less? Do Hot Dogs Lead to Diabetes?

Does using a bigger fork mean you’ll eat less? Perhaps, says a recent story in the Wall Street Journal.

“Diners with small forks think they’re making little progress with each bite, so they start shoveling it in. Hunger apparently plays a role: The researchers didn’t find the same effect when they studied random college students who hadn’t planned a meal,” the Journal notes about a study that gave eaters small and large forks. If you have a Journal subscription, you can click on the link on our Food and Exercise News page and read the whole story.

We also have a link to a story that discusses the possibility that eating hot dogs regularly can lead to diabetes. And another that eating spices with your meal can contribute to heart health.

They’re all on our news page, be sure to check it regularly for the latest food and health news from around the Web.


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