How Important is a 38-inch Waist?

I had a rude awakening last week when I went pants shopping.

My weight loss efforts of the past three years had brought me down from a 42-inch waist to a 38, the size I wore in high school, college and my early adult life. But in the past year and a half or so, I’ve regained about five pounds, going from 203 to 208. That was apparently enough to send me back to a 40-inch waist. The 38s I tried on just weren’t working.

Does waist size matter when it comes to men’s health? Yes, studies indicate it does.

I found this on WebMD: “By the time the tailor’s tape says your waistline is larger than 39 inches, you may already be on the road to diabetes or heart disease. This holds true for both men and women, find Hans Wahrenberg, MD, and colleagues at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute.”

Run a search for waist and heart attacks and you’ll see even more bad news about what happens when you get over around 39 inches or so around the middle.

Tony wrote up belly fat on the blog What About Central Obesity? last April. There is also The Best Way to Trim Belly Fat, Fitness Vs Normal Weight and How Bad is Extra Belly Fat?

Your waistline is a very important health indicator. Pay attention to it.

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