An Update on Niacin and High Blood Pressure

I’ve been taking Niacin the past few weeks, every since a high school friend mentioned to me that it had helped both his cholesterol levels and his blood pressure. He is taking very high doses of niacin, seven to nine grams a day. And he mentioned to me to be prepared for what’s called flushing, which really means turning so red it looks like your head is about to explode.

I started with 100 mg a day and now am taking 200 mgs a day. The flushing is still intense, but it hasn’t gotten worse as I’ve increased my daily intake, so I’ve now bought 500 mg tablets to try that dosage next.

My face looks redder than this when the niacin hits me.

I haven’t seen a change in my blood pressure, which I take with a home wrist monitor, so the jury is still out on effectiveness for me.

I bought the 500 mg tablets at a natural medicine store in my suburb and was speaking to one of the workers there who also recommended garlic tablets for high blood pressure. So I’ve bought some of those as well, 600 mg tablets.

Traditional medicine is not lowering my blood pressure. I’m already on two medications from my doctor and my pressure still tests high at each physical, so I’m trying some non-traditional approaches. I’ll keep you posted on what happens next.

But should you see me on the street sometime and it looks like my head is about to explode, don’t be alarmed, its only the niacin kicking in.

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