Dining Out Portion Control Tricks from Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers sent the following suggestions for gauging portion sizes when dining away from home.

“Keep in mind that dining out is a challenge that requires a special mindset as well as knowledge of portion size. Sometimes just being in a restaurant or at someone else’s home can promote a “special occasion” feeling that makes it tough to stick to healthy portions. ”

Strategies for portion control 
Restaurant portion sizes have expanded immensely – often to two or three times what they used to be. Friends and family may fill a plate out of generosity. But combined with a “clean-your-plate” mentality, this can spell trouble. The following strategies will help you keep control.
Divide your meal in half. As soon as the plate is set in front of you, ask your server to wrap up the other half to take home. Doing this right away helps you avoid the temptation of eating too much just because it’s there. We suggest the same thing in number 4 on our Remember This page. Also check out Number 10 for vivid examples of Portion Distortion.

Some excellent suggestions on using your own hand for measuring portions

Consider ordering from the appetizer or kids menu. Portions are almost always smaller. Also, restaurants will often make half portions or lunch-sized portions at dinner time, if asked.

Use your hand to measure the actual amount of food on your plate. Here’s how:
Your fist is equal to one medium fruit or one measured cup.

Your palm minus the fingers is a 3 ounce portion of cooked meat

Your thumb (whole thumb, from tip to base) is equal to one ounce of meat or cheese

Your thumb from the tip to the first joint is about 1 tablespoon

Your index finger from the tip to the first joint is about 1 teaspoon

The battle for control of your weight never ends. Paying attention to portion size is a major weapon. Use it often.



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5 responses to “Dining Out Portion Control Tricks from Weight Watchers

  1. Nora wrote The appetizers are getting bigger, too. I usually order appetizers when going out as my main meal. The last time I was out I couldn’t even finish half of it. I would love to order from the childrens menu. Sometimes they have good choices & the portions are much smaller. My daughter, who is 17, still orders from the children’s menu. She is very petite & can’t eat a whole lot plus she likes what they offer. Last time we were out to eat the waitress said she was to old to order off the childrens menu & said she had to get an adult meal. What a waste of money. She barely ate the meal & we didn’t take it home since she didn’t like it.


  2. I like this a lot, I knew about the fist being a portion of fruit, but didnt know about the others!

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  3. Reblogged this on TubbyPaul and commented:
    It’s important to know how much your putting in the tank! This could help.


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