Michelina’s Responds to Query

Michelina’s Wheels and Cheese is a personal favorite of Mr. Lazy Cook. They recently changed their packaging and ingredients. I wrote about it for the blog and also queried them on the change.

Here is the correspondence:
Product: Wheels and Cheese
StoreWherePurchased: Target
DatePurchased: May 12, 2011
Comments: I am a fan of your Wheels and Cheese product. I buy it and cook it all the time. I wondered if someone could explain why you have changed it. I noticed that the nutritional contents differ slightly. Also, I co-write a clog on eating. Link:https://guysandgoodhealth.wordpress.com/ Have mentioned it.



The old package, left. The new package right. Same goodies inside.


Thank you for your email. We’re so pleased that you have taken the time to compliment our entrées. It’s marvelous to discover that some still care about quality as well as convenience.

With our thanks, we will be sending you some free entrée coupons good for a variety of our products. We hope that you will continue to use and enjoy our products in the future.

We had an ingredient update from our supplier so that is why the nutritional contents differ slightly.


Bellisio Foods, Inc.
Consumer Relations Department

Readers might keep this in mind going forward. Companies are often very interested in feedback from us consumers.


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