Vacations Can Include Healthy Meals

I’ve been writing a lot about the junk food I ate on my recent New York City vacation which included my 40-year high school reunion and my daughter’s NYU graduation. But I also tried to sprinkle in some healthier meals to balance out the hot dogs and fried dough.

My daughter picked a vegan restaurant for her graduation dinner and I opted for a plate of five vegetables there. I dislike two of those, Brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes, which I gave away but I enjoyed the fennel, one of the more obscure veggies I grew up eating and still enjoy. I was disappointed the place had no portobello mushroom offerings on its menu. I find those mushrooms exquisite and a worthy alternative to any meat dish.

My Colorado portobello mushroom burger

So when we left New York for Denver and a niece’s graduation, I opted for a mushroom burger the first chance I had to have one, which turned out to be in Ft. Collins, Colo., where we visited the Colorado State campus.

It struck me that there were more healthy food alternatives as I traveled West, I’m not sure if that was only my impression or if it’s really true. Perhaps being closer to nature in the mountains of Colorado makes people more conscious about eating better foods, what do you think?

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