Food Diary and Exercise Log for a Summer Day

Although we are barely a month into spring, Chicago was blessed with a summer day yesterday and I wanted to share my food and exercise diary with our readers. Regarding Chicago weather, you need to understand that two days ago I was wearing long underwear walking my dog in 35F cold in the wind. Yesterday, we hit a high of 91F at O’Hare Field for a new record high for the date.

Fixed Coffee, Breakfast smoothie and one hard-boiled egg- 503 calories
Walked dog – one mile -burned 100 calories

18 mile bike ride – burned 755 calories
Ate 1/2 powerbar snack 110 calories
Dog walk 1/2 mile – burned 50 calories

HIgh fiber Kashi GOLEAN Crunch parfait (with soymilk) 290 calories
One slice pizza bread – 330 calories
One serving Salsa chips – 140 calories
1-1/2 servings hummus – 105 calories
One Apple – 95 calories

Chicago's Grant Park bandshell with trees in full bloom in May

19 mile bike ride – burned 797 calories
Ate 1/2 powerbar snack 110 calories
Dog walk 1/2 mile – burned 50 calories

Weight Watchers Slow Roasted Turkey Breast – 200 calories
1/2 cup brown rice – 109 calories
One serving soymilk – 100 calories
Apple pie – 1-1/8 servings – 411 calories

2 servings Pepitas 250 calories
Ice cream sandwich (low fat) – 140 calories
One slice raisin cinnamon toast 80 calories
One Hershey bar with almonds – 210 calories

2 tablespoons super chunky peanut butter – 190 calories

My food budget for the day to maintain my 153 pounds was 2081 calories.
I consumed 3372 calories
I burned 1757 calories cycling and walking the dog

I finished 465 calories under budget for the day.

The following is a nutritional breakdown of my meals and snacks from the Lose it! App: Fat 125.8 grams, Saturated fat  26.3 grams, Cholesterol 292.6 mg, Sodium 3,192.4 mg, Carbohydrates 422.3 grams, Fiber 48.7 grams and 115.5 grams of protein.

The fat/carb/protein breakdown was 34%/51%/14%. vs. the ideal breakdown of 20%/60%/20%.

This was an active day with two nearly 20 mile bike rides in it. This level of activity is more typical of summer than spring which has more rainy and windy days. As you can see the bike rides nearly doubled my caloric needs for the day. Despite the fact that I consumed nearly 50% more than my caloric budget, the calories burned in exercise allowed me to eat half again as much as my original budget of calories. Since I am not on a weight loss regimen this surplus of unburned calories enables me to eat more on a subsequent day without worrying about gaining.


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