How Many Calories in a Subway Orchard Chicken Salad Sandwich?

Subway recently has been promoting its orchard chicken salad sandwich. I’m not a fan of chicken salad, but thought I’d check into the calorie count for our readers. I discovered a bit of a disagreement.

The Subway site has nutrition information for the sandwich. It lists a six-inch version at 370 calories, not bad if you make that your lunch. The sodium level, something I’m still checking despite that controversial recent study saying salt levels don’t matter to heart health, is 560 mgs, again not so bad if you stay with the six inch, a foot-long would double that, presumably, to 1,120 or half a day’s worth of salt.

To find out more about these important sodium levels read Tony’s How Much is Too Much Salt?

As I searched the Web about this sandwich, I came across an exchange on a Jenny Craig site in which one person said she thought the sandwich had 340 calories, a bit less than Subway says on its nutritional chart. I suppose the difference could be in what is added to the sandwich.

That said, this seems like a relatively low-cal and low-salt lunch option, if you like chicken salad. Subway doesn’t mention mayonnaise in the ingredients but it seems to be there in photos I’ve seen of the sandwich. Mayo adds calories.

The ingredients Subway touts on its site are chicken, apples, cranberries and celery.

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  1. i think one that we must realize is the salt contain,,if you don’t watch it carefully then you will gain more hypertension risk


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