Pippa at the Royal Wedding: What Was She Eating?

The newly named Duchess Catherine’s sister Pippa certainly captured more than a fair share of attention at last week’s British royal wedding. Some might say she upstaged her sister, especially in the green gown she wore to after-party (see photo to the right).

But because we write a food blog, I was wondering what Pippa and other guests were eating at the post-ceremony reception.

Two receptions followed, actually. First the queen had 650 guests for a little sit-down. The menu included “caviar, cornish crab salad, pressed duck terrine, beetroot and Scottish langoustines with lemon-flavored mayonnaise. The dessert served was decadent with the eight-tiered wedding cake baked with 17 different flavors of fruit cake and a groom’s cake made out of chocolate biscuit, which was a piece of nostalgia from Will’s childhood,” reports Web site Wakeywakeynews.com.

A Scottish food site reports that at the first reception, “The roast fillet of Scotch Beef was served in miniature Yorkshire puddings with horseradish mousse, as part of around 10,000 canapes prepared for the lunch by a team of 21 chefs led by Royal Chef Mark Flanagan.”

The second reception was hosted by Prince Charles, father of the groom, and had only 300 guests, most friends of the happy couple. The menu for that one appears to be a state secret, I haven’t found mention of it online as yet.

One side note to all this, reports surfaced prior to the wedding that Kate Middleton, now the duchess, was on something called the Dukin Diet, a French variation of Atkins, so she could become even thinner than she already was.

I thought she got a bit too thin myself, not a good message to be sending to young girls around the world. She was already gorgeous before, from all the photos I had seen.

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