How Many Calories in Denny’s Bacon Flapjacks

We had a great note recently from Amanda, one of our readers, and a blogger herself (Dairy of a Mad Fat Woman), regarding my piece on Denny’s Baconalia dishes. Denny’s had upped the bacon content of several of its old standbys, and introduced a few new treats, all pushing bacon.

A Baconalia breakfast at Denny’s

I had the bacon flapjacks while in Dallas on business a few weeks ago and tried to estimate the calories in them. I put the whole meal, flapjacks, eggs and bacon on the side, at 1,187 calories.

Denny’s official listing, which Amanda secured from Denny’s and has on her blog, puts the flapjacks at 1,040. Denny’s doesn’t mention the sides for this or its other Baconalia dishes, so I’m assuming its all totaled together, which means I came pretty close in my estimate.

That shows all the calorie counting has taught me something. Practice makes perfect.

If you aren’t counting calories, you might give it a try. It’s a useful tool.

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