Another Really Good Reason to get a Food Scale

I wrote about the value of a food scale as a tool for portion control back in January and you can read about it here.

I had something happen today that just blew me away regarding portion control.

I rode my bike early and came home with a little edge on my appetite. Usually I have my High Fiber Parfait that I wrote about last in March and you can see here.

I have been eating that parfait for several years now and always would measure out one cup of the Kashi Go Lean cereal into a measuring cup. For some reason, this morning I decided to weigh it on my food scale instead of measuring it ‘by eye.’ The box says that one cup is equal to 53 grams. I weighed out 53 grams and poured it into my measuring cup.

Guess what? It filled the cup only to the 4 ounce line. So, for more than a year, I have been consuming twice as many calories as I thought. The good news is that I exercise a lot and burn it off anyway, but if it had been close, can you imagine how far off I would have been?

So, please think again about getting a food scale. Those measurements of one cup are not always the same for grains as one cup of a liquid.


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