Get Rid of Those Excuses For Not Exercising

Not long ago we we ran a post stating that 79 percent of senior citizens in Britain thought they did enough exercise to keep healthy, but many of those remaining did no physical activity at all.

There was also a list of the reasons given for not exercising. I am not going to go into them because they are nothing more than excuses. If you have made up your mind to exercise, I hope you will have the emotional integrity to follow through and actually do it.

I experienced something like that Tuesday morning. I took out the dog first thing and usually afterward I get into my cycling clothes and take off on the bike. This time however, I was feeling tired. Also, the weather conditions were not at all conducive to riding. There was a big fog, very high humidity, temps just under 40F. I wasn’t able to tell about the wind because the fog was so dense. I live on the 36th floor and normally all I need to do is look out the window down at the bike path and see how the flag is blowing, So, I took a walk downstairs and felt the wind. It wasn’t too strong to handle my bike.

The bike path had a surreal look to it in the fog ….

As I was riding the elevator back up to my apartment, I still didn’t feel like riding. Maybe it was just a day for the health club?

Anyway, when I got upstairs, my bike riding haunting thought came back to me. This is one concept that I have a hard time escaping. Namely, “If you don’t ride today and it rains for the next three days, you will really be sorry you didn’t go when you had the chance ….” That one always gets me.

So, my imagination overruled my sleepy body and I put on my cycling clothes and made my way down to the bike room.

Here’s the strange part, as soon as I rode my bike up the steep ambulance ramp outside my building, I felt better. The sleepiness disappeared and my legs felt strong. I had good energy.

The fog made the lakefront appear somewhat surreal. I think I could see less than 100 yards ahead.

Anyway, long story short, I had a great 20 mile bike ride and came home like the cowboy’s horse – “rode hard and put away wet.”

Of course, on a caloric note, I put about 900 calories into the day’s bank, always a lovely fringe benefit. For the record, on my rides, I average around 12 mph which keeps my heart rate in the target zone for most aerobic benefit.

I’m not sure what the moral of this story is.I think it is – don’t pass up a chance to exercise, even if you don’t feel like it at first. Your body can come around and you can end up with a good workout and feeling of accomplishment

I did take a nap later that afternoon so my body had been slightly out of balance.

Remember, if it’s physical, it’s therapy. Eat less; move more.



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