Majority of British Seniors Exercise – Survey

I talk regularly here about the value of exercise and seniors are particularly needful of it for its aid in slowing the damage of aging as well as controlling their weight. The British scientific journal Age and Ageing surveyed around 200 individuals aged 65-84 years old who lived by themselves.

The survey showed that levels of knowledge about the specific health benefits of physical activity were high. Some 95 percent of participants believed that physical activity was beneficial and 79 percent thought they did enough to keep healthy. However, 36 percent did no leisure time physical activity and 17 percent did less than two hours a week.

Kudos to the energetic majority who are getting out there and practicing a variety of active lifestyles.

What about the 36 percent who did no leisure time activity? How come?

Here are the reasons the seniors offered for not exercising:
1. Lack of interest
2. Lack of daily access to a car
3. Shortness of breath
4. Joint pain
5. Dislike of going out alone or in the evening
6. Perceived lack of fitness
7. Lack of energy
8. Doubting that exercise can lengthen life
9. Not belonging to a group
10. Doubting that meeting new people is beneficial

I write about the value of exercise regularly here and have covered the value of exercise for seniors a number of times. If you are a senior who falls into the 36 percent sedentary minority, I hope you will check these items out, and then get moving. The quality of your life and your life may depend on it.

Last but not least, seniors need to exercise to retain their cognitive powers which can start to slip away. Forget about crossword puzzles and Sudoku’s. Cardiovascular exercise is the only thing that sends oxygen molecules to the brain and creates new neurotransmitters. Get out and get moving.

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