How Many Calories in the Heart Attack Grill Double Bypass?

I enjoyed my pound of Heart Attack Grill burgers, much more so than some other highly touted fast food burgers such as the ones at Five Guys. While the Heart Attack half pounders still weren’t thick enough to have been done rare, they did have a hand-made look to them and tasted great.

As usually happens with such large burgers, though, the bun did not hold up well. By the time I was finishing up, what was left of the bottom of the bun was falling apart from the fat and catsup of the sandwich. I ordered my double bypass without cheese. The illustration shows it with the cheese. That is an amazing amount of food.


I breezed through most of the double bypass but slowed down near the end and was sweating profusely, my eating mates told me. The last bite was a challenge to finish but once done, I did not feel stuffed and debated going for more fries, which I didn’t, thinking better of that.

The grill, as might be expected, doesn’t list calorie counts on its Web site or its menu. Watching calories is not in any way, shape or form what this place is about. Trying to pin it down, I found one site that puts the quadruple bypass, two pounds of meat plus bacon and cheese, at more than 8,000 calories.

Using LoseIt, I put the calorie count of the pound of meat I had, I’m assuming its an 80/20 blend, at about 1,229 calories. Add the bun at another 240 calories and the total is 1,469 before any catsup, pickles, etc. I used a lot of catsup to help it down, so I was easily going over 1,600 or so calories. I’m not sure how to estimate the calorie count for those fries, I’m guessing at least 500 calories but it was likely more.

Was it worth it? Come back tomorrow to read about my beef hangover the next day.


Editor’s Note:
This kind of eating is actually dangerous. John had an angioplasty in August of 2012 and left the blog in December of that year. His doctor severely restricted John’s diet on salt, fat and sugar, a high price to pay for overindulgence. You can read about his departure in Notice Anything Different? This blog does not promote dining on meals like the ones at the Heart Attack Grill.


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2 responses to “How Many Calories in the Heart Attack Grill Double Bypass?

  1. Billy Bob

    Just make that one meal all your calories, and you can go there everyday!


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