Rating the Heart Attack Grill Experience

I enjoyed the atmosphere at the Heart Attack Grill but if the food weren’t good, the atmosphere would not have been enough.

The food, though, was good to very good. The menu is simple, you order what are called bypasses. A single hamburger, half a pound, is a single bypass, a double is a pound of meat, a triple, a pound and a half, and the quadruple bypass is two full pounds. If you finish the quadruple, a nurse wheels you out in a wheelchair.


After eating the double I can understand why. While you wait for your burger, there’s an all-you-can-eat fries bar. Videos playing at the grill show the fries being made in melted lard. And that made them taste so good because, after all, fat does taste good. I only had one helping of fries but someone else in my group went back for more, which likely prevented him from trying the double.

A review of the burger tomorrow. And discussion of the after-effects of having such a large meal later in the week.
A "doctor" at the fries bar.

They’re serious about this offer, there’s a scale to weigh patrons.

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