Should You Visit the Heart Attack Grill?

We started this blog to talk about men and healthy eating because we believe most men do not think enough about their diets, their weight or their health.

With that said, I also think that every once in a while, it’s okay to indulge. Eating healthy all the time can be hard to do.
Heart Attack Grill restaurant in Las Vegas
If you agree, keep reading, because this is the second of a series of posts I’m doing on my recent visit to the Heart Attack Grill in the Phoenix area. It specializes in food that is in no way healthy–half-pound burgers, fries made in lard, and Pabst and Coke to drink (no diet sodas or light beers allowed; you can get bottled water which I did).


I’d read about the grill, and written about it, but I still wasn’t prepared for the appearance. It’s in a mall, first of all, I had imagined it as a stand-alone building. It also was bigger than I expected. And all the staff, including the owner who was there the night we went, are in medical outfits in keeping with its theme as an unhealthy place.
Once you sit at its counter, staff come over and put a hospital gown on you,  a fun touch. Tomorrow, I’ll post my pictures of the food and menu. Enjoy.

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