How Many Calories in Subway’s Meatball Pepperoni?

Sandwich shops have sprouted like weeds in recent years with Subway leading the charge. These places are convincing people that a sandwich made in front of you is healthier than a burger from McDonald’s or one of its hamburger cousins.

Indeed, Subway has built its reputation as a healthy place to eat, going so far as to be a Biggest Loser sponsor with contestants regularly eating at Subway.

But let’s not get carried away, a sandwich is only as healthy as what goes into it, starting with the bread and ending with the oil, vinegar, etc. you might pick to spice it up a bit.

I give Subway credit for posting nutrition info and also lists of what items to avoid if you want to avoid salt, etc. Indeed, I eat lunch there often, getting a roast beef salad with only a little oil and lots of vinegar because it’s one of the least harmful lunches I can find.

But recently Subway has been promoting a meatball and pepperoni sub that cannot be healthy. I tried finding nutritional info for it on the Subway site but can’t. What’s more, a meal builder option Subway has doesn’t list salt content for sandwiches, something critical for me and millions of other people to know.

Subway’s version of March Madness

I turned to to find the six-inch version listed at 630 calories and 1,550 mgs of sodium, way too much sodium to consume in one meal. Experts recommend 1500 mgs PER DAY for sodium consumption.

There’s also 21 grams of sugars listed (almost 5 teaspoons full), not very helpful in my try to consume less sugar. And keep in mind that’s for a six-inch, Subway is promoting the $5 foot-long version of this, so double these numbers if you order one of those.


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3 responses to “How Many Calories in Subway’s Meatball Pepperoni?

  1. timl2k11

    Thanks! You just saved me $5. 🙂


  2. Mike H

    Yummm eating one right now


  3. jenny lee

    I guess its ok to eat the meatball pep sandwich if thats your diner for the day and no more food after that . I also think its fine if you work out 4 days minimum a week and have no health problems lol
    but thanks for this info subways is a little sneaky lol


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