Sugar and Me — The Real Reason I Can’t Stop Eating

Someone sent a comment about a post I did on a McDonald’s smoothie recently, which in turn got Tony and I e-mailing each other about sugar. And that reminded me of my biggest problem in my weight loss battle, my insatiable appetite for sugar and items containing sugar.

I found last week that the recommended daily sugar intake is about 44 grams. Tony tells me that equals about 11 teaspoons of sugar which he finds an amazing amount. One teaspoon of sugar weighs 4.2 grams. That led me to look at my LoseIt! records to see how much sugar I eat daily. LoseIt! saves weekly averages for such things. What I found was weekly averages ranging from 73 grams a day (17.38 teaspoons!) to 154 grams a day (36.67 teaspoons!) so far this year.

And therein lies my biggest eating problem. Had I not lost the weight I did the past two years, I was in danger of becoming diabetic. My doctor had classified me as pre-diabetic three years ago, based on my blood sugar level at the time, one of the reasons I started this quest for a better approach to food. At my last physical, my blood sugar was normal. But until I get a handle on my sugar addiction, I will always be in danger.

A sugar source for me

I’m using this Lent as a starting point. I’m working hard not to eat baked goods during the week. And I can tell you I’ve been going through sugar withdrawal as a result. By Friday last week, I felt more on edge than I have in many, many years. I was turning to candy instead, eating 30 Hershey’s kisses on Friday, for example, hardly the best way to adjust.

Wish me luck as I continue this difficult road.

Besides sugar, John had a problem with fat and salt, too. He left the blog in December 2012 after an angioplasty that cleared an 85 percent blockage to his heart. He now is restricted by his doctor from eating, sugar, fat and salt. A high price to pay for his bad eating habits.

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