Boston Market is Suggesting Meals under 550 Calories

I recently was looking at the Boston Market site, trying to get nutrition information on a new whitefish dish it sent me a coupon for, something I assume is tied to the Lenten season when Catholics cannot eat meat on Fridays.

An e-mail coupon I received from Boston Market

What I found though was a page suggesting a variety of Boston Market meals, all under 550 calories. It’s an interesting list, even dark meat chicken, which has more calories than the white meat, is listed — without its skin though, something Tony and I advocate when it comes to eating chicken. Chicken skin is a calorie bomb. As great as it can taste, toss it.

While the calorie counts on the six suggested dinner plates are all 550 or less, the sodium counts are troublingly high for me. They range from 910 mg for a beef brisket, steamed veggie, cornbread combo, to a high of 1,480 for turkey, veggies and mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes account for 820 mg of that but the turkey, which people think of as healthy, has 620 mg. Yikes.

I’ll have to play around with these to see how I can get the sodium well below 1,000 for a combination I would want to eat.

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