Good Health Habits = Good Aging

I have observed an interesting phenomenon regarding semantics. If I say, “I can help you lose five pounds in a short time,” most peoples’ jump to full attention. But if I say, ” I can teach you good healthy habits,” their eyes glaze over. Losing weight is hot, living healthy is ho hum.

Only about 30% of the characteristics of aging are genetically determined. The other 70% are linked to lifestyle.
 Italics mine.

Cute, yes. Effective? Not so much

According to the U.S. Census bureau, a woman who reaches 50 years and remains free of cancer and heart disease can expect to live to her 91st birthday. An average healthy male who is 65 years today will most likely live to see age 81.

As I wrote on my Page – How to lose weight and keep it off – “14. You need to exercise. Exercise is your two-edged sword. You do it to work your muscles and remain in top physical and mental condition. AND, you can do it to burn calories and help in keep your weight down.

According to the U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services:

Adults 18 to 64 should get:
2.5 hours/wk of moderate intensity exercise.
OR 1.25 hours a week of vigorous aerobic physical activity
Or Some combination of the above – equivalent episodes of at least 10 minutes spread throughout the week.”

So, eat intelligently and get some exercise every day. You will live longer and look better. If you must think about losing weight, you will. I just don’t consider that the most important element in the equation.

When people ask me why I ride my bike every day, I tell them, “I am paying for my old age, one bike ride at a time,” and I believe it’s true.


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