Two Days Home = 4 Pounds

I’ve spent the past two days working from home because of the snow we had here in the Chicago area.

Unfortunately one of the last things I did before the storm was stop at Costco to get a chicken and a package of Costco’s bakery-made chocolate chip cookies. The cookies are Costco-sized, which means big. I estimate each at 220 calories given the calorie count in similar-sized cookies at Subway and elsewhere.

I was eating four a day initially as I cleared snow from my house and garage. Yesterday, I ate eight, four in the morning, four at night as we watched TV.

The result this morning was that I weighed in at 208.8 compared to 205 before the storm. The good news is the cookies are gone and I returned to my normal exercise routine with a little extra this morning–instead of 30 minutes on my exercise bike, I did 40 minutes at an average 14 mph.

This weekend will be a weight challenge as well since I’m hosting some friends for the Super Bowl. stay tuned to see what I cook up for that.

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One response to “Two Days Home = 4 Pounds

  1. James Walker

    John — over a year plus a few months I lost from 221 to 146. 150 was my goal. I weigh every day. Why? Because I gain weight if I just “look at the wrong foods” so to speak. Like you, I have been house bound for two and a half days. Fortunately, I have chosen to shovel lots of snow which burns calories like you wont’ believe. I also continued my workouts. On one day I hit 151, in spite of my carefulness. I cut way back yesterday and weighed 148.2 today. It is an never-ending battle and only daily diligence keeps me on real maintenance. Good luck and remember — every sacrifice helps you get to be what you deserve to be.


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