Walmart To Offer Healthier Foods

Better later than never department: At a press conference last week Walmart unveiled a major initiative to provide “healthier and more affordable food.” The company credited First Lady Obama with bringing it to fruition. She was considered the catalyst to bringing better nutrition to kitchen tables in our country at reasonable prices.

Specifics include reformulating food items, making healthier foods more affordable, building stores in underserved areas, increasing funding for nutrition programs and changing Walmart’s food labels.

By 2015 Walmart wants to reduce the amounts of sodium by 25% and sugar by 10% and eliminate trans-fats. It is also reducing prices on fresh fruits and vegetables through a variety of sourcing, pricing and transportation and logistics initiatives.

The change will not only affect Walmart shoppers. The entire food industry is impacted. Food makers are expect to change the way they do business for a chance to meet Walmart needs.

The program builds on First Lady Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign to make healthy choices more convenient and affordable for families.


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  1. Lorenzo Lopez

    I work in Walmart’s communications team and have worked with our colleagues on this program. We’re excited about our efforts make food healthier and healthier food more affordable because we truly believe that our customers should not have to choose between a product that is healthier for them and one they can afford.

    Our commitment to reformulate packaged food, to make healthier food more affordable and to develop a front-of-pack seal that will help consumers identify healthier food options can make a difference by reducing the consumption of sodium, sugar and trans fats – contributors to the obesity epidemic and chronic diseases in America.


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