Exercise More; Live Longer – Dr. Oz – Time Magazine

I was cleaning up a pile of old magazines and ran across an issue of Time Magazine. It was the one on The Science of Living Longer. Naturally, I had to read some of it before disposing of it.

Most of us think of exercise in terms of losing weight, but it is also an important factor in living longer. There were a lot of fascinating facts on extending one’s longevity, but a two paragraph item by Dr. Oz struck me and I want to share it with you.

“Daily rigorous physical activity not only helps strengthen bones and the heart, but it also teaches balance, critical in preventing the falls that have become a leading cause of death as we age. For all the medical tests we have in our modern arsenal, the ability to exercise remains the single most powerful predictor of longevity. If you can’t walk a quarter-mile in 5 minutes, your chance of dying within three years is 30% greater than that of faster walkers. My emphasis.

“Humans are designed to be physically active throughout their lives, so don’t take it easy on yourself. Shoot for at least three 30 minute workouts weekly – and break a sweat. You should also add a half hour a week of weight lifting and another half hour of stretching. I complete a simple daily 7-minute morning routine that I recommend. You can find it at doctoroz.com.”

Mehmet Oz is the vice chairman and a professor of surgery at Columbia university, a best selling author and the hose of the nationally syndicated tv talk show- The Dr Oz Show.



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  2. Get at least. 8hour sleep every night


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