Good Day Sunday

As I said in my Ill Wind post two days ago, I rode my bike New Year’s day in somewhat trying and certainly tiring conditions. As a result when I walked my dog early Sunday morning in the cold, I decided that I would forego a ride until at least the winds died down and instead go to the health club for a workout.

The best laid plans oft go astray. I mentioned previously that I sincerely hoped to continue doing weight workouts after I was able to ride again. I didn’t succeed. That was another reason for deciding to go to the health club on Sunday morning, a small amount of guilt.

So I went and worked out. Spent 30 minutes on the rower, lifted weights for 20 minutes and then finished up with 10 minutes on the Airdyne bike. A nice workout with good cardio and enough lifting to tax my muscles some.

I went home anticipating a nice shower and some food. For no good reason, I stopped at the computer the check my email. There was a fresh note from a friend who said she was coming to the dog park at 10:00 am if I wanted to get together. It was 9:20. So I showered, ate some food, got the dog and headed to the park.

Had a nice visit with my friend and her two pooches, but the big surprise was that in the three hours since I had walked my dog originally, the weather had changed. The sun had come out, the temp went up some and the wind had eased back a bit.

Although I was very much looking forward to an afternoon and evening of watching football, it suddenly seemed like I could get a bike ride in after all. I took the dog home, changed and got out on the path.

I rode a couple of hours and put a nice chunk of calories in the bank. It was a truly beautiful winter day in Chicago.

What a nice start for the new year. A bike ride on each of the first two days as well as a workout with weights.

It was great to sit down in front of the tv set and vedge out watching football the rest of the afternoon and evening. I also snacked guilt-free.

Tamari-roasted pepitas, pumpkin seeds specially prepared.

One of my favorite snacks is tamari-roasted pepitas, or pumpkin seeds which I wrote about in my post of June 20. Pepitas are so much more healthy than snacking on Doritos or typical tv-watching fare. They have lots of protein, Omega 3 fats and they are wonderful for men’s prostate health.

It is still early in the year. I hope you are able to get something going in the area of managing your weight and improving your health.



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2 responses to “Good Day Sunday

  1. ed birdie

    Am a classmate of John’s & have really begun to appreciate this endeavor, especially as we/I age. Hopefully, both yours & John’s efforts to stay healthy will give me additional incentive to up my own exercise program. I did get a chance to do a brisk couple of miles walk Sat & Sun.afternoon over snowy terrain @ the Rockefeller State Preserve in Pocantico Hills, NY. It is always a treat visiting some of the most expensive cattle in the world.


    • Thanks, Ed. Nice to hear from you. Walking is a wonderful exercise for your whole endocrine system besides the fact that you burn 100 calories for each mile. Keep up the good work!



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