Christmas Weekend = a Gift of 3 Pounds

Christmas weekend has definitely been a time of eating for me. In two days, I’ve gained three pounds, not exactly the Christmas gift I was hoping for. But I do have some good news in all this eating.

Knowing what would be ahead this Yule time, I resolved to put in extra exercise time the week leading up to Christmas.

Each day, I made time for an hour and a half of exercise, roughly 30 minutes more than normal for me at this time of year. I went into Christmas day almost 3,000 calories under my weekly calorie budget as a result and I had dropped two pounds in the days leading up to Christmas Eve dinner, my first big meal of the weekend.

My second big meal was Christmas day, when I ate more than 3,000 calories in one sitting thanks to stuffed shells, sausage, meatballs, cheesecake, freshly baked Italian bread and more (see photo).

Christmas dinner in the making

I made time to do some riding of my exercise bike on the day after Christmas, putting in an hour on the bike plus 40 minutes of snow shoveling. That didn’t keep me from gaining a pound that day thanks to movie popcorn, various chocolates and a big pasta dinner. I’ve gained three pounds in three days this weekend but that means I’m only a pound over where I was before starting my pre-Christmas workouts.

I feel I know what’s needed next week to start working some of this weight off. I again have to put in 90 minutes a day on the exercise bike and continue the weights work I started last week and continued via snow shoveling this weekend.

I’m ending this year heavier than I started, not a good thing. But I plan to step up my exercise regime in the New Year and get back on track — just as soon as we finish our delicious leftovers and have our special New Year’s Eve night out dinner.

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