More on Emotional Eating – The Quest for Intimacy

My last few posts have touched on the emotional side of over-eating. I’ve mentioned more than once that eating can be a substitute for the people you wish were there for you.

If you’ve over-eaten, you also know eating can be a substitute for physical intimacy with another person. People may be hesitant to admit it but, let’s be honest here, when you’re eating alone, you’re not just wishing some other folks were around. You’re looking for physical as well as emotional pleasure. When you’re eating in large groups, that eating is your substitute for actually being close to someone in that group.

But the more you eat, the fatter you become and the less becomes the likelihood that anyone would want to be physically intimate with you, and so you eat still more and the cycle continues.

You’ve got to realize food is just food, fuel for the body, nothing more. That’s an admission that’s harder than it sounds. Who hasn’t talked about how they ‘love’ pizza or cupcakes or whatever and, at some very deep level, meant it more than they realize?


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One response to “More on Emotional Eating – The Quest for Intimacy

  1. RIGHT ON! Emotional eating has been a major culprit in weight gain since forever. And it’s really a struggle to stop this bad habit. Some people binge because they think it will make them feel better. On the contrary, it doesn’t. Once they’re done binge-ing on their favorite comfort food, they realize that they did something bad and then that makes them feel worse. I know it’s hard to stop emotional eating but it’s not impossible. It can be done. It takes conviction and the right mentality to conquer it.


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