Get to Where Tony Is, Not Where I Am

Tony wrote a great post over the weekend about incorporating exercise into your life.

All great advice, but to make it all work as he does, you first have to get to an emotional place where you can let go of food as your only friend, the struggle I’ve been writing about.

I contend the vast majority of overweight people, myself included, do not overeat because of hunger but rather because of emotional pain. I think at some level we all know we’re somehow shortening our lives with bad eating habits, but at that same deep level we’re saying ‘so what?’ Why live longer, miserably lives, lives when everyone and everything let’s you down, except for that junk food that’s always so easy to get?

Tony has conquered that, he’s in a great place emotionally and really want to live longer and make those years quality years rather than years wrestling with medical problems as my mother’s last years were. We all need to get to that emotional equilibrium place or we’ll never stop eating badly.

Tony and I have discussed how being retired gives him a leg up on planning and making all his meals and scheduling the amount of exercise he does. Fair enough, but it’s not just being retired vs. juggling the strains of a work life.

One of the reasons that what Laura Katleman-Prue writes in her book, Skinny Thinking, resonated with me is because she talks so much about the emotional side of over-eating. If you’re not familiar with her, check out her Facebook page.

And keep reading Tony’s posts here to see what you can do to take control of your eating and your health.

And, if you’re still struggling on the emotional side, keep reading my posts too. It’s hard for me to imagine anything you’re facing will be worse than what I deal with, so you can read me and feel better about your lives.

Seriously, we can get through it all together, everyone else may be deserting you, but we’re here.

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