20 Worst Drinks in America – Number 15

The Body Logic MD site ranks the 20 worst drinks in America. The list may surprise you. Body Logic specializes in hormone therapy, fitness and nutrition.

The Body Logic site says that the 15th worst drink is Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Beer (1 bottle, 12 fl oz)

Nutrition: 330 calories 0 g fat 32.1 g carbohydrates 9.6% alcohol
Carbohydrate Equivalent: 12-pack of Michelob Ultra

“Most beers carry fewer than 175 calories, but even your average extra-heady brew rarely eclipses 250. That makes Sierra’s Bigfoot the undisputed beast of the beer jungle. Granted, the alcohol itself provides most of the calories, but it’s the extra heft of carbohydrates that helps stuff nearly 2,000 calories into each six-pack. For comparison, Budweiser has 10.6 grams of carbs, Blue Moon has 13, and Guinness Draught has 10. Let’s hope the appearance of this gutinducing guzzler in your fridge is as rare as encounters with the fabled beast himself.”

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